Our Forte

We supply only the finest quality pieces of jewelry and natural untreated gemstones.

As a family-run business, we have one thing common running in our veins- devotion to jewelry and gemstones.

We have a very in-depth knowledge of the gemstones and jewelry industry, which stems out of our intensive knowledge of the heritage of the jewelry design.

We have a track record of 100% excellence and loyalty in our service to our customers, as we help them make an informed choice when buying and investing in pieces, which will become a part of their heirloom.

Each jewelry, available with us, is handmade by a craftsman, who has learnt his skills from his father or grandfather.

Our in-house manufacturing allows for immediate translations of design into ready jewelry pieces. This allows our customers to buy very interesting and much desired pieces.

A tourist not only buys a piece of jewelry at Antiquariat- they buy an experience. They witness the pieces being made. As the whole process is demonstrated in front of their eyes, they interact with the artisans; they understand the story behind it.

We are located in the tourist center of Jaipur- close to HawaMahal, JalMahal, Amer Fort and Nahargarh. The foreign tourist just cannot miss our large and expansive showroom- a traditional haveli, rooted in the architectural heritage of Rajasthan.

The salespeople are fluent in languages from around the globe- French, Spanish, Italian, German and Japanese, and assist the customers to help them buy the best piece for themselves.

Since we are known for our honesty and integrity in our business, we have a large pool of dedicated tour operators willing to vouch for us. They know that their customers are in safe hands when they shop at Antiquariat.