"India has a lot to offer, explore, see and understand. I knew that. But what I did not know was that India has a large jewelry tradition too. At Antiquariat, the whole world on Indian jewelry dawned upon me- precious and semi precious jewelry, diamonds, enamel work, silver jewelry, gold jewelryand kundan meena jewelry and artifacts- it was just an amazing experience."

- Monica, Portugal

"When I was informed by the tour guide that it was time to go shopping, I was already repulsed by the idea. Very reluctantly, I got out of the bus, and the entire world changed in front of me. There was a traditional haveli waiting to welcome me with flowers. And when I went inside, I saw the HawaMahal, but I had just seen it before coming here. Apparently they are the only ones who could create this amazing piece- miniature HawaMahal, with the permissions of the royal family."

- Nicola, Italy

"The showroom was an amazing experience. Laden with hand painted frescoes, wooden and metal artifacts, these artifacts were a part of India- its culture, religion and history. Each artifact had a story to tell. I was amazed to know that this was a personal collection of a single person. So many of them I wanted to buy, but couldn’t because they were personal properties. However I did buy whole silver jewelry set and am very happy with it.”

- Joan, South Africa

"I am very impressed with the whole environment at Antiquariat. Everything, right from the courtyard, the hearty welcome, the HawaMahal, the showroom, the craftsmen, the salespeople, the owners, is very interesting, and it transports you into an era, which is a mix of ancient India and modern India, at the same time. Ihave never seen such an environment in my whole life, in my travels across the world."

- Rachael, USA

"I have such a thing for Indian silver and gold jewelry. In my large collection, was missing an Indian traditionally carved pendant in gold. I was really looking forward to being at Antiquariat. And I was not disappointed. I pointed out my requirement and the sales people came with my dream pendant in almost a spur of a moment. I thank them for understanding my requirements and helping me with the same."

- Nigella, Estonia