Welcome to Antiquariat!

About Us

Antiquariat, the word is taken from the German language which literally means “an art which is unique”. By unique we believe the one which is only of its kind. Antiquariat believes that the uniqueness cannot be defined by a single means, we believe that every different entity has different definitions of uniqueness and we here to provide you, your unique choices.

Our Vision

To serve you the taste of Indian Jewellery by providing you the designs which are different and represent your unique choice and your uniqueness.

Our Mission

To represent the Traditional Royal Indian Jewellery worldwide, to make people aware of our culture and uniqueness of our culture.

Who We Are

Established in 1975, we are one of the oldest reputed family-run businesses of India. We deal in Modern jewelry and Fine arts from the last 50 years In Jaipur. Antiquariat has an exclusive range of elegant, high-quality fine jewelry like rings, brooches, necklaces, pendants, earrings and many more which has a unique touch of Indian Royal Tradition. Honored and Blessed with the Royal Family of Jaipur, Antiquariat have possessed one of the finest collection of precious and semi-precious jewelry, enamel work, diamond work, gold and silver, and Kundan-Meena jewelry. To give the more feel of royalty to our customers, we have build a miniature HawaMahal where we present our creations to our customers. The Maharaja Bhawani Singh of Jaipur inaugurated our present showroom of Jaipur.

Our Team

Shri Ramgopal Sarraf and Shri Rambabu Sarraf have given the foster care to the family business and taken it to the different peaks of growth. Their belief is that the center of any business is their customers and this has lead them to develop a customer-centric experience in the field of their business.

Shri Om Goyal, Shri Vishnu Goyal, and Shri Lokesh Agarwal have an expanded the business with their vast knowledge in the field of Management, Product Expertise, and Customer Service. They believe in providing genuine and quality products to customers and consider it the key factors to make the business solid.