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India is known for its vast culture, elaborated history, and prosperity, and among so many cultures, cities, Jaipur stands alone as the top city in the country where the heritage and royalty stands tall on its feet and can be seen in each scenery of the place. The same feelings are embroidered in our hand crafted jewelry in such a way that it touches the soul of the person and make him feel great about himself. We are humble enough to not praise our own self but we can’t change the reality that we are among the Best Handicraft Store in Jaipur. The amount of love and dedication goes behind the making of each product forms the results of such royal and pride feelings.

We are known for our antique jewellery and also display an elegant collection in bridal wear, lightweight jewellery, diamond jewellery, platinum, and silver. We are also Color Stone Jewellery Manufacturer. We offer a wide range of bridal jewellery i.e matching with the latest trends, hallmarked and certified diamond & gold jewellery, made with extreme care and quality, we also add new items frequently to our irresistible collection. We believe that choosing the product for your special occasion is part of the important moment itself, and that's why we make it our mission to ensure that each and every customer has a wonderful experience every time if they choose from us at We are one of the Best Handicraft Store in Jaipur providing wide range of Emerald, Rubies, Diamond, Gold, Silver and Kundan-Meena jewellery. Our aim is to offer you the largest collection of jewellery design for every occasion. We are not only just selling jewellery, but an exceptional jewellery buying experience at your fingertip! If you search for Best Handicraft Store in Jaipur then Antiquariat is the Right Place for you.

Best Handicraft Store in Jaipur | Color Stone Jewellery Manufacturer

We, at Antiquariat Jewellers have made an extraordinary assortment of jewellery available on our store, our collection is incorporated by the contemporary collection of Gold, Silver, Diamond and Platinum jewellery. Our collection of jewellery is always blessed with some of most genuine quality features and inventive designs. The whole collection of jewellery is a perfect work of art with an outstanding finesse and unique design. Our jewellery designs are inspired by latest market trends. Shining bright with an professional team always focused on transparency, innovation and customer happiness, we addresses today’s growing demands always on-the-go consume to explore, discover and know more about jewellery. Our policies offer 100% certified jewellery, unique designs, transparent and Best Prices and life-time exchange all under one roof.

Gemstone Jewellery Manufacturer | Best Handicraft Store in Jaipur

While transparency and purity keep on winning the trust scores of clients, what also separates the brand is the wide range of necklaces, pendants, brooches, rings, earrings and so on. Through different complex crafted collection, we have various styles to provide. The flagship Heritage Collection has jewellery in plain gold and silver, kundan-meena, emerald, rubies, or studded with diamonds, semi-precious gemstones and traditional Indian Jewellery. Keeping the cost-effective quotient of clients as well, we have wonderfully designed certified semi-precious gems and diamond jewellery. Antiquariat’s Diamonds and Gold exclusive jewellery collection possesses a huge collection of various types of adornments for both men and women of all ages. Our designs of jewellery are an ideal mixture of contemporary as well as conventional ideas and our whole range of jewellery is designed perfectly to match the standards of international market. Antiquariat is the Best Handicraft Store In Jaipur. Anyone can find an exemplary range of designer jewellery for women and men which are crafted as per the ongoing fashion trends.